Sunday, September 8, 2013

Very Good Article about Crossfit and American Culture

Don't hold the title against it (it threw me off at first), please read (its a long one) and especially look at the video of the girl at the end attempting her first muscle-up.  Note her reaction at the end.  That's what Crossfit is all about for me (Ed. Note I still do not have my [strict or kipped but I am working on strict first, Gymnast style] Muscle-up, but am diligently working on progressions)...

An excellent long read, 
by Eric Lemay, Salon

UPDATE: ( has since changed their title to "CrossFit mirrors American militarism" but this was the original title).  I truly don't understand why Salon had to use such a provocative title.  I assume they feel it draws readership, but I didn't see anything anti-crossfit in it at all.  Though he repeats the "cultish" buzzwords quite often.  I am curious to see what others think of the article. My assumption is that the editors at Salon didn't know what to make of it and generally don't know what to make of Crossfit - not likely practitioners.

See the video referenced at the end of the article here,
but please go read the article as well.

Please post any comments or thoughts!

UPDATE 2: I saw a strange comment(with 2 likes no less) that I am not sure I understand.  The comment is posted below:

Comment (Can be found HERE at the bottom of the article) - I have omitted her name. 
"Too bad people do not have lifes where they put out energy, it seems we all sit around all day then do cross fit. I have many clients that participate in cross fit and I want to say, the women look no better then me when I was taking care of children, gardening, living in a two story house, eating right, etc.......really. We all live in cities, drive everywhere, etc...... maybe people need to ride bikes, plant gardens, walk more, get more life going. Also many of my clients are seeing me because they have really hurt themselves doing cross fit."

My Response (Was I off base to her point??)
Richard Meehan:
"Re: Honey's comment: I don't see it that way at all. The people I work with are amazing. They are learning to new things, new movements, new skills and it shows in the way they carry themselves and, yes, in how they look. 

Re: "maybe people need to ride ride bikes, plant gardens, walk more, get more life going" (sic), the people I work with certainly do all of that. They also do more intense training to try and improve, learn new ways to move their body and develop new skills. 

Just look at the excitement at the end of Marie's 1st Muscle Up video, how cool, I was actually cheering for her as she was making her attempts. Don't try and limit her to 'rising bikes and puttering around in the garden' she's an athlete working to improve.

The people I know DO have lives, where they put a great deal of energy in them and the work they do in the gym makes them better at that life.

I just don't see the injuries you claim to. We have responsible coaches present at all times, all of the movements are scaleable. Maybe it is the quality of the coaching (which is really what you are paying for in Crossfit) that is lacking."

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