Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Great Post from Kimmy G. at Crossfit Center City


I Can’t Believe I’m Telling You This

By Kimmy G.

Reasons not to write this: 5,173,174,545,478,190,364

Reasons to share my story: 1

Reason: I’m not the first person to lose 100lbs – especially not today with everything out there. But my situation is mine and if, by sharing it, I can help even one other person look at food or exercise or their general health and well-being differently, then it’s worth the embarrassment of my before pictures.

photo 1 (17)
Like anyone who struggles with anything, I had tried everything to lose weight.  Well, I thought about trying everything – I certainly BOUGHT everything. And nothing ever clicked for me (except for a brief affair with Weight Watchers in the summer of 2003).   I found out about “eating paleo” by online stalking Crossfit (wait, did I lose you there? I said the “C” word!) after I saw the games on tv a long time ago.  I figured, what the hell. What’s another $15 handed over to for the Paleo Diet book in the name of “this has to work”?

I knew I was going to be turning my life upside down on September 15, 2012 when I moved from the suburbs into the city for a new job.  New city. New start. New life.  I hoped.  But something was different.   This time I did more than hope.  I made a choice.  But first, I acknowledged that I actually HAD a choice.  It was very easy for me to play the victim in my own life for a long time.  That I was helpless and powerless.  That I had resigned to settling for the mediocre and that was no way to live.


photo 2 (16)
The day I moved to the city, I went 100% Paleo, cold turkey (and chicken and pork and beef and fish).  I told myself I was going to eat this way for TWO YEARS.  No more bullshitting myself.  A two year commitment set the tone that this was a LIFESTYLE change.  And that was the only way this was going to have a shot in hell of working.  My butt didn’t get that big overnight; it wasn’t going to get any smaller overnight either.  That afternoon, after unpacking I met friends at a bar to watch the Penn State game (love ya Lions!) and I ordered a side salad with a piece of grilled chicken and a beer.  They got burgers and fries and beers.

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