Monday, December 23, 2013

New Years Goals

Generally I dislike New Year's resolutions.

I think goals should be a year round thing.  The constant striving to better myself is what keeps me going.  I think that if you stop striving you start dying...a little at a time.  I much prefer life long goals and a constant stream of smaller mid-term and shorter term goals.

As I write this it is December 23rd.  Make the goals now and start tomorrow (better yet NOW). If you're not reading this until January 1st the same advice applies, make long term, mid term and shorter term goals now and start today.  Constantly re-evaluate, some goals may take longer than you think and some goals will be achieved much faster than you think.  

In training others, I loath hearing goals that are event or time frame specific.  I dislike goals like "to get in shape for an upcoming wedding" or to get in shape for the summer.  I much prefer goals that are triggered to being able to do something.  It's the doing something that matters.  Fight like hell to achieve those goals and the way you look will be reflected in what you choose to do.

The mid-term and short term goals keep things interesting and fun.  Always work to overcome your weaknesses. In order to do that you have to challenge yourself to find out what they are.  No one likes to do the things they think they may be bad at.

Find a partner. coach or trainer that won't judge and ask them what they think your weaknesses are. You may not like what you hear, receive the information neutrally and fight the tendency to resist. Then work like hell to make that weakness a strength. Find the strength to plow through so that when that movement is called out in a workout or competition you don't fear it and can confidently proceed.

Be Coachable

It takes time.  It is tough on pride to have these things called out, but in truth, it is one of the best things one can do for another, to help someone to improve. Don't waste that gift.

The best competitors, coaches and trainers all have someone that can push them and call them out, it's how we improve.  Without this its so easy to become complacent, accept 'good enough' and continue being that way year after year.

Accept that feedback and make those areas your short and mid-term goals!  That will place you well on your way to your lifetime goals.

Next: Developing Habits that are in line with your goals.
Goal achievement is a constant stream of congruent habits, little things done consistently aligned to your goals.

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