Thursday, October 3, 2013

Racing Weight Gain: Is this Possible?

I received a question about the following and am posting my thoughts, though not fully developed, what do you think?  Please post to comments.

4g of H20 per gram of Glycogen is correct.

Carb storage increase....Yes IF you switch your diet before the race from a protein/carb/fat mix to Carb loading.  Yes it can happen like that. Especially if switching from Ketosis(Fat burning mode) to Carb loading(and consequent carb burning) muscle will store tremendous Glycogen because the insulin receptors are so sensitive.

Alternatively and possibly MUCH smarter...Ketosis prior then 2 or  3 days prior go to a Carb and (MCT) Fat mix....New theory combines carb loading with MCT(Medium Chain Triglycerides) and Body Fat especially if going in to the race say up to week before you are in Ketosis = Body burns fat very easily, so, Fat stores + some MCT + Carbs = Tremendous LONG TERM ENERGY and no CARB CRASH at about the 2 hour or so mark.

I am not saying lots of extra lbs of body fat but at least around 10% BF.

Also a fair amount of that weight could be water retention due to Electrolyte drinks and rebound from dehydration. Rebound from Dehydration + Salt = a TON of retained water....especially if the electrolyte solution is consumed after the workout has ceased.

Any thoughts?  PLEASE post to comments.

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